The woods listed are woods suited for turning lace bobbins.

The woods are not always commercially available, indicated with an *

We purchase woods from dealers that subscribe to sustainable utilisation


from local municipal tree management operations.


Assegai Black Chacate *Sneezewood *Boer-bean
Afromosia African Blackwood Wild Olive Red Alder
Bubinga Hard Pear Candlewood *Searsia spp.=Rhus spp.
Brown Ivory Ironwood *Ebony  
Red Ivory Stinkwood Cape Beech  



Imbuia Cocobolo Beech Macassar Ebony
Maple Kingwood Cherry  
Sycamore Walnut Rosewoods  
Olive Lemon Andeman Paduak  

Wood data base


A Database of Common Names for World Timbers by Regis B. Miller, USDA
Forest Service, Forest Products Laboratory, Madison, Wisconsin, USA and
J. Ilic, CSIRO, Clayton, Australia
The information in this comprehensive database will be of great value
to users of wood and wood products and others who rely on scientific
names as a key to reliable information on wood properties. The database
contains approximately 30,000 unique botanical names and 130,000 common
names including the corresponding botanical family name, synonyms,
geographic origin, and links to technical data sheets if one is
available. Many species, particularly those from the tropical countries
are known by several local or common names and some unrelated species
also share the same common name. The database will help to resolve such
problems and provide more reliable information on the woods.